About Bhairavee

Hi, I’m Bhairavee!

I am an Indian blogger, who loves to read, binge-watch Korean dramas, codes for a living but also because I’m really passionate about coding and understand how computers and it’s applications work.

I took a break from blogging about two to three years back, but I have been planning to get back to writing for quite some time now. You would find me ranting about all the books and TV shows I have seens, I would recommendation a few as well. I also like to share my coding adventures. I’m no where a perfect software engineer and I spend a lot of free time exploring new technologies especially on the front end. This blog has been built from scratch and I have mentioned all the technologies used below! Feel free to reach out to me if you have doubts in any of them, we would figure it out together!🤩

I am a cat mommy to a 1 year old cat, named Theo, who gets all the credit for keeping me happy! You would find me ranting about him as well😊